Prime Minister inspires us in every sphere of life: MP Kartikeya Sharma

Member of Parliament Kartikeya Sharma on Friday said that India has been able to build a stable democratic set up which is managed to grow despite the problems. 

MP Kartikeya Sharma was interacting with students and representatives of Harvard University and MIT from 38 countries on Friday here. The discussion with the high-flying students was broadly on India’s progress and also on Indian media.

“I would see that it would grow because of its diverse culture and religions. Being a democratic country we have to abide by the rule of law. We have infrastructure growth and I must give credit to the honourable prime minister.” 

He added, “I’m an independent member of parliament. I am not attached to any political party but I would say that I’m influenced by him because he has the most successful story that independent India has.”

“He started it with a very humble beginning and started on a stall selling tea. Becoming the prime minister he has been able to inspire confidence in us. You know nothing succeeds like success. He has come up with the best inspiration with this unprecedented success.” 

“With his great vision and outlook, India is creating world class infrastructure. We are growing exponentially. It is manifesting everywhere. Today we are the fifth largest economy in the world growing at seven per cent,” the MP said. 

Talking about the future of media he said it’s evolving…from the evolution of newspapers to television and now digital media. “It is changing at a very fundamental level as the news consumption has been gone through a tectonic shift,” Kartikeya Sharma said.

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