Kartikeya Sharma: Is govt conducting scientific study on India’s glorious past?

Member of Parliament Kartikeya Sharma raised another pertinent question in Rajya Sabha on Thursday whether the government is making efforts for conducting scientific assessment of glorious history and historical facts of India from the Vedic period to the present day and introducing it into the curriculum? Replying to the queries Minister of State for Science and Technology Jitendra Singh congratulated Kartikeya Sharma for raising such an issue which is generally ignored. The minister said: “I must congratulate the hon’ble member for raising the issue which is seldom asked in the House. The question is about using modern technology to explore information from the ancient past. The department of Space Technology is working on this. We have got some information relating to Harappan civilizations also.” “As far as the question asked by him (Kartikeya Sharma) regarding Ram Setu, let me tell you it has some limitations in fathoming out the issue. The history dates back is more than 18000 years and the bridge, if we go by the history, is 56 km long. To some extent through space technology, we have been able to discover pieces of islands and limestone.” But cannot accurately establish the remnants of bridge or parts of bridge, the minister said. “However, they have certain amount of continuity. To sum it up, it is difficult to pin point the exact structure that existed there, but there is some kind of indication that there was some structure.” We have tried to do similar kind of survey in Dwarka city also, the minister added.

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