Member of Parliament Kartikeya Sharma on Sunday reached Bhiwani and Dadri to thank the people of the society for participating in a big way in Lord Parshuram Mahakumbh organised in Karnal recently. He said that the objective of Mahakumbh has been fulfilled. “We will always be grateful for the respect that Chief Minister Manohar Lal has given to the society by accepting almost all the demands. Some demands which are left will also be fulfilled at the earliest,” he said. The program was organised by Lok Sewa Panchayat Samiti in Bhiwani. The MP said that he has not come to the people as an MP, but as their brother and son. It will always be his endeavour to work among the people of the society. The MP said that if the society remains united, then the battle can be fought with strength from all platforms. “Today it is necessary that together we take the society forward strength by strength.” Roaming across the state to invite Mahakumbh, he had only one request to the people that if they reach Karnal in maximum numbers, then they would be able to present their demands before the Chief Minister. “Good thing is that a large number of people arrived from all over the state and showed that we are united in the state. Chief Minister Manohar Lal had announced to accept 10 of our 13 demands in the programme, some of these demands were pending for a long time, but as expected, the Chief Minister made big announcements from the stage with a big heart.” The MP made a strong appeal to the capable friends and elders and said that such families of the society who are not able to give good education to their children due to economic conditions, our capable friends please identify such promising youths of the society and at least Do a good deed by bearing the expenses of a child’s education. In this way we will further enable our own society. The MP said that our demand for the right to own the land of Dholi, which was given to you by Pandit Venod Sharma, along with the Chief Minister’s announcement to give 1700 acres of private land to Dholidars, to give houses and land for farming from the government land has been announced. “It is expected that its notification will be released soon,” he said. “On the other hand, in case of Paharwar’s land, along with the announcement of waiving off the previous fine, the Chief Minister has also extended the lease of the land so that the time we have already lost can also be compensated,” Kartikeya Sharma added. The Chief Minister talked about giving salaries to the priests at par with the skilled workers, while the Chief Minister has also announced the constitution of the Priests Welfare Board, which will be beneficial. Holiday on the birth anniversary of Lord Parshuram, postal stamp in his honour by the Government of India, renaming of Kaithal Medical Cause after Lord Parshuram, construction of Lord Parshuram Chowk in Karnal have also been announced by the Chief Minister at the Maha Kumbh held in Karnal.” Kartikeya Sharma said: “The Chief Minister has been running a transparent governance in the state for the last 8 years with the motto “Haryana Ek Haryanvi Ek”. The Honorable Chief Minister, who believes in “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas”, put the latest example of this in front of us on the 6th of this month i.e. the day before yesterday when he simultaneously launched 167 development projects worth Rs 1882 crore in all 22 districts of the state. Gave a New Year gift by inaugurating and laying the foundation stone.” Fifty thousand recruitment is going to happen soon in Group D and Group C, the MP said adding that in today’s era, if anyone has the most importance, then it is education and knowledge. “So, I will appeal to my younger brothers and sisters, young friends to educate themselves as much as possible. Acquire more knowledge.” Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, many welfare schemes have been launched in our country for the youth to start their own business, to start new startups. “Avail those facilities,” he said. The MP said that Prime Minister Modi has asked all of us to take 5 vows so that in the next 25 years, India once again be called Vishwa Guru. “The resolution of a developed India, the country will have to move ahead with big resolutions. Second pledge: We want freedom from the mentality of slavery. Third Pledge: Our heritage had once given India a golden age. We should be proud of our heritage. The fourth vow is unity and solidarity. All the countrymen have to live in the formula of unity. Fifth vow: We have to fulfill our responsibilities towards the country. If we all take a pledge to follow these five vows, then I am sure that not only our country will become the best country in the world but also we all will develop personally and socially.

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