Member of Parliament Kartikeya Sharma on Sunday said that under the leadership of the country’s successful Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has established a special identity worldwide. Along with this, Sharma said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, Haryana has become an example for other states today. Kartikeya Sharma arrived Parshuram Dharamshala in Sirsa on Sunday. A grand felicitation ceremony was organised to welcome the Rajya Sabha MP. Brahmin community welcomed him warmly. Kartikeya Sharma said, “Uniform developmental work has been done in the entire state. Today, there is transparency in jobs. The Chief Minister has hit out at corruption with good intentions. Haryana has become an example of many schemes today. He said that taking every demand of the Brahmin community seriously, the Chief Minister has worked to fulfil them.” Thanking the Chief Minister for the Lord Parshuram Mahakumbh held in Karnal recently, he stated that the chief minister has provided positive cooperation to society by taking initiative on every demand of the Brahmin community. Kartikeya Sharma said that after the vision of the chief minister, wonderful work has been done in Haryana in the fields of education, health, agriculture, sports, industry, electricity, and the environment. “It is the result of the chief minister’s thinking on development that development works have taken place in every area from Narayangarh to Sirsa and from Palwal to Rohtak,” he added. Talking about the contribution of Brahmin community in the developmental process of Haryana, the MP said that the Brahmin society has always given its meaningful cooperation for the interests of the people of the country and the state. “Parshuram Mahakumbh in Karnal on 11 December left a historical mark. Participation in this Mahakumbh demonstrated the society’s solidarity. Out of 13 demands, the Chief Minister had announced that he would accept 10 of them. This shows that the CM has a big heart for every society.” “He told me that Pandit Venod Sharma did the work of getting the ownership rights to Dhauli’s land. The entire society is grateful,” the MP said. Kartikeya Sharma said that in the issue of Pehrawar’s land, along with announcing the waiver of the fine, the Chief Minister has extended the lease of the land so that the time lost earlier could be compensated. Kartikeya Sharma told me that the Chief Minister has also agreed to pay wages to the priests at the same level as skilled workers and has also made a historic announcement to set up the Priest Welfare Board. Along with this, the government of India announced it would make Bhagwan Parshuram Chowk in Karnal, a holiday on the birth anniversary of Lord Parshuram in his honour during the Mahakumbh held in Karnal. “The Chief Minister also announced the name of the government medical college to be set up in Kaithal as Bhagwan Parshuram Medical College, and its notification was also issued two days ago.” “In the last eight and a half years, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, our country has progressed rapidly. The coming 25 years are very important for India. He said that after completing 75 years of independence, we have entered the immortal period. India today has an important identity in the world, and the day is not far when once again India will emerge as a world leader,” Kartikeya Sharma said.

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